3D chromatin conformation in disease pathology

Seminar 10 Honours Programme   Aïsha Mientjes aishamientjes@gmail.com 4460960   Speaker: Stefan Mundlos Department: Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics (seminar given at the hematology department) Subject: 3D chromatin conformation in disease pathology Location: Erasmus MC Date: 16-04-2018   On Monday the 16th of April, a seminar was given in the pathology department of the … Continue reading 3D chromatin conformation in disease pathology


Quo Vadis: Cees Dekker

Speaker: Cees Dekker Department: Bionanoscience, TU Delft Location: TU Delft Date: July 6, 2017 Author: Teun Huijben As start of the summer Quo Vadis of the Bionanoscience Department, Cees Dekker was invited to give a talk. Literally translated from Latin, Quo Vadis means: ’Where are you going?’. In light of this title Cees decided to … Continue reading Quo Vadis: Cees Dekker

3D mammalian genome organization and function

Speaker: Wouter de Laat Department: Bionanoscience Subject: 3D mammalian genome organization and function           Location: TU Delft Date: 11-2-16 Author: Hielke Walinga Our DNA consists of long strands of bases that appear to have no function at all. Only 3 % of the DNA is actually consisting genes. A long time researchers thought only the genes … Continue reading 3D mammalian genome organization and function