Nanoholes for Single-Molecule Experiments

Speaker:      Reuven Gordon (University of Victoria, Canada) Subject:       Nano-Opto-Bio-Mechanics: Listening to Single Proteins with Light Location:     TNW-Zuid Date:            Friday, October 14, 16:00-17:00 Jasper Veerman   Having read the first four words of his presentation, the audience was none the wiser. Fortunately, Reuven Gordon started by explaining how these tie together. Studying  biology at … Continue reading Nanoholes for Single-Molecule Experiments


Dissecting Back-To-Front Cell Polarity with Optogenetics

Speaker:      Mathieu Coppey (Curie Institute Paris) Subject:       Dissecting back-to-front cell polarity with optogenetics Location:     TNW-Zuid Date:            Friday, September 16, 16:00-17:00 Jasper Veerman   The first thing that strikes the audience as Mathieu Coppey starts his talk is his enthusiasm. When he introduces himself as a physicist moving into quantitative biology, his eyes twinkle. … Continue reading Dissecting Back-To-Front Cell Polarity with Optogenetics

Fraud in Science

Speaker:      Wilfred van der Wiel (University of Twente) and Derek Stein (Brown University) Subject:       Fraud in science – not in your group? Location:     Auditorium TU Delft Date:            Thursday, September 8, 12:00-13:25 Jasper Veerman   Fraud in science is a topic that is not discussed freely and frequently among scientists. On the contrary, it … Continue reading Fraud in Science

3D Genome Studies

Speaker:      Wouter de Laat (Hubrecht Institute) Subject:       From 3D genome studies that uncover genome functioning to advanced methods for prenatal diagnosis Location:     Faculty of Applied Sciences, TU Delft Date:            Thursday, February 11 2016, 16:00-17:00 Jasper Veerman   If we attach all the DNA from our chromosomes and extend it, it would span 2 … Continue reading 3D Genome Studies

Nanofabrication with ion-beams

Speaker:      Gaurav Nanda (Kavli Nanolab Delft) Subject:       Nanofabrication with Helium Ion Microscope: Modification of Graphene and Growth of 3D AFM Probes Location:     Faculty of Applied Sciences, TU Delft Date:            Tuesday, September 15 2015, 13:00-14:00 Jasper Veerman   Usually speakers from outside the university come to present their work during the Technology Colloqia of … Continue reading Nanofabrication with ion-beams

The Origin of Cellular Life

Speaker:      Jack Szostak (Harvard) Subject:       The Origin of Cellular Life Location:     Industrial Engineering, TU Delft Date:            Friday, June 26 2015, 16:00-17:00 Jasper Veerman   Besides the research topic discussed below, Jack Szostak has already made brilliant contributions in the field of genetics. A major achievement was the creation of the first yeast artificial … Continue reading The Origin of Cellular Life

Reconstructing Minimal Divisomes in the Test Tube

Speaker:      German Rivas (Systems Biochemistry of Bacterial Division, CIB Madrid) Subject:       Reconstructing Minimal Divisomes in the test Tube Location:     Bionanoscience, TU Delft Date:            Tuesday, June 9 11:00-12:00 Author: Jasper Veerman   As bottom-up biology has become increasingly popular, scientists aim to construct the minimal cell. In trying to achieve this, a solid understanding … Continue reading Reconstructing Minimal Divisomes in the Test Tube

CRISPR Systems: Nature’s Toolbox for Genome Protection

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Jennifer Doudna Department: UC Berkely Subject: CRISPR Systems: Nature’s Toolbox for Genome Protection Location: Wageningen University Date: 30-9-2016 Author: Mirte Golverdingen   On Friday September 30th, I travelled to Wageningen to join the Lecture of prof. dr. Jennifer Doudna. She is one of the pioneers on the very promising CRISPR field. She … Continue reading CRISPR Systems: Nature’s Toolbox for Genome Protection

New Frontiers in Nanofluidics Research

  Speaker: Derek Stein Department: Department of Physics, Brown University Subject: Location: TU Delft, Bionanoscience, Kavli Institute of Nanoscience Date: 9-9-2016 Author: Mirte Golverdingen Derek Stein gave his lecture to show what the new frontiers are in the Nanofluidics research.  He started with the research to use nanoscience for protein sequencing. The general idea was to … Continue reading New Frontiers in Nanofluidics Research

Dissecting back-to-front cell polarity with optogenetics

speaker: Mathieu Coppey position: Physics and chemistry departments Curie Institute Paris date: 16-sept-2016 time: 16:00-17:00 author: Teun Huijben Mathieu Coppey works in the Physics and Chemistry Departments Curie Institute in Paris. He is interested in cell polarity and biophysical methods to manipulate this polarity. In his talk he enlightens us about the CRY2/CIBN technique; what it is … Continue reading Dissecting back-to-front cell polarity with optogenetics