Lunchlecture VVTP by Leo Kouwenhoven Technical University Delft 28-11-2014 As a part of the celebration of the birthday of the VVTP (Association for Applied Physics), Leo Kouwenhoven gave a lecture about his research on the Majoranas. He started his lecture with making sure the entire audience knew the definition of a Majorana. A Majorana is … Continue reading Majoranas


Coordination of Central Metabolix Fluxes in Microbes

Speaker:      Uwe Sauer                      Head of the Institute for Molecular System’s Biology, ETH Zurich Subject:       Coordination of central metabolix fluxes in microbes Location:     Bionanoscience Department, TU Delft Date:            Thursday, 4 december 2014, 16:00-17:00  Author: Jasper Veerman Uwe Sauer is interested in the … Continue reading Coordination of Central Metabolix Fluxes in Microbes

Majorana Particles

Speaker:      Leo Kouwenhoven (Department of Quantum Nanoscience, TU Delft) Subject:       Majorana particles Location:     Auditorium TU Delft Date:            Friday, November 28, 13:45-14:40 Author:        Jasper Veerman On Friday, November 28, Leo Kouwenhoven spoke about his work on Majorana particles. These particles, which are their own antiparticles, are rather special. They … Continue reading Majorana Particles

Nanobiology Honours Programme has started!

Dear reader, Thanks for following our blog post! This is the spot were we'd like to share the experiences of our Honours Programme students with you. Sharing the latest information on research within the Nanobiology field is essential for letting know the world about the importance of this exciting and new research field. The Nanobiology … Continue reading Nanobiology Honours Programme has started!